TODESIRE aims for the group who appreciates the value and potential of the work for its refine and delicate craftsmanship. As for the clients who are not familiar with the products, we attempt to distinguish the quality between the machine-made and man-made jewelry in terms of value and aesthetic beauty by combining the art of jewelry design to contempopariness and functionality.

The design and creation production process is presented to the potential clients for them to perceive and appreciate the handcrafted jewelry from another aspect.

The concept and identity of TODESIRE's jewelry lie in the skillful handicraft that requires great expertise and experience. We avoid industrial manufacture as much as we can, especially the casting process, for we will not allow our design to be a part of the mass production process, getting overly replicated and reproduced, either under the brand TODESIRE or others.







Phone:  +66 90 551 9246
Email:  todesire@live.com

Mr. Tachaya Wachiradisai (TOD)

TOD Graduated from Silpakorn University in Bangkok Thailand with the degree in Bachelor of Fine Art and jewelry design major. He began his career working as a freelance jewelry designer and part-time lecturer at Silpakorn University.

With the expertise in silver handicraft, TOD has produced great variety of jewelry art, earning him the title " Designer of the year 2008 in Jewelry Design" by Silpakorn University's Faculty of Decorative Arts.




Craft Silver Jewelry Studio


The "originality" of our silver jewelry design is not affected by the competitiveness of the industry, nor the commercially driven mass production, for we are clear and determined in our belief and standpoint.

We have started our craft jewelry studio since 2007, produced many satisfying designs and it has been a very pleasant and soulful experience.

Through our well crafted silver jewelries, TODESIRE elaborates on the term "Originality",conveying a strong dynamic presence creatively and ideally utilizing simple forms, patterns, and techniques that enhance functionalities and movement. Our silver jewelry simply responds and interacts with the physical movements of our jewelry wearers.​


105 Moo No.1 Jomthong Rd., Jomthong District

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