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Here is the tip for you to take care of your silver jewelry at home. You should avoid put your silver in chlorine. The chlorine that is in swimming pool or in your hot tub can cause silver to react. This will cause greenish discoloration into silver which can make it hard to clean. You can use this solution to remove silver tarnish:

1) two teaspoons of dish liquid cleaning soap,

2) one teaspoon of household ammonia, and

3) 1/4 cup of water. Mix solution well and

you can use cotton to scrub until the silver tarnish has removed and if it is hard to remove,

you can also soak your silver into the special silver jewelry liquid cleaner for 10 seconds maximum. Rinse thoroughly in warm water. Dry with a lint-free cloth.

Hope this trick will help your silver jewelry always nice and shine!!

AND Don't forget always put your silver jewelry in the zip bag after use.



ZIP BAG would help your jewelry from tarnish

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